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It's not ok (3) Tue, Jan 29, 2008
Sometimes when people say they're sorry, I don't respond.  Normally, an acceptable response would be, "It's ok."  But a lot of times, it's not ok, so I don't feel like lying and saying it is.  Consider, as a hypothetical example, that someone pukes on you.  They do the right thing and say they're sorry.  You can't respond by saying it's ok.  It's not ok.  It's never ok when somebody pukes on you.  It can't be.  Puke is disgusting.  And they puked because they were drunk.  So it's their own dumb fault for getting too drunk.  Dumb → drunk → puke → not ok.  You're under no obligation to accept that person's apology.  So what do you do when they say they're sorry?  Keep quiet, I guess. #psychology

Rus Tue, Jan 29, 2008
So are you differentiating between "it's ok" and "I forgive you?"

Dave Tue, Jan 29, 2008
Yeah I think so.  They sound like different responses altogether.

Rus Wed, Jan 30, 2008
Yeah, I think we tend to use the one in place of the other.  In our house my wife has shortened to "ok" as in "I acknowledge your apology" as in "I forgive you."  Sometimes, however if I really mess up, I follow it up with, "So you forgive me?"

I tend to opt for "Don't worry about it."  But it really doesn't matter because Tina rarely messes up.  :-)

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