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Pharmacists (2) Wed, Oct 31, 2007
Why do pharmacists need to go to school for 6-8 years?  All they do is hand out pills.  You can train a monkey to do that.  I've heard the argument that pharmacists figure out if any new medications will react negatively with ones that are currently being taken.  You can train a monkey to do that too.  The only conceivable reason I can come up with for the existence of pharmacists is that they're older than both monkeys and minimum-wage-earning teenagers, so they're less likely to be bribed or talked into giving away the wrong drugs to the wrong person.  So basically, pharmacists exist because we need mature people to hand out our medication. #health

Wendy Hosier Thu, Nov 01, 2007
From the wife of a geeky computer guy, you could actually create a computer program (a series of if, then statements) where the user would input all of the medications the patient is taking to see if adding the new meds will cause issues. So I'm voting for trained monkeys and a computer.

Dave Thu, Nov 01, 2007
I think that already exists and I think that's what pharmacists currently use.  I wouldn't trust a person who said they kept that information in their head.  Either way, a monkey could do it. 

I'm waiting for a string of angry comments to come pouring in from all the people in their 7th year of pharmacy school.

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