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Blaming God Mon, Sep 24, 2007
I think it's perfectly fine to blame God for the bad things, as long as he also gets credit for the good things.  If I blame him for getting a flat tire while waiting in traffic after sleeping past my alarm, I should also thank him for giving me a job that lets me afford a car and a roof over my head, and for getting me up and to work every other day.  If I blame God for the death of a friend or family member, I should also thank him for giving them life in the first place, and for giving me continued life despite the fact that death is inevitable. 

I mentioned this topic a while ago, but in reference to blaming George W. Bush for the increasing (and then decreasing) gas prices.  No, I'm not equating GWB to God.  But the situation is essentially the same.  If we blame someone or something for a certain specific negative action, shouldn't we also thank that same person/entity for when the situation goes away or gets better? #religion

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