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Gas prices Fri, Nov 18, 2005
I just got gas yesterday.  $2.07 per gallon.  That's a 35% decrease from when I last mentioned gas prices about two months ago.  Not bad. 

A lot of people blame someone for a certain bad thing but then don't give that same person credit for an improvement in the bad thing.  For example, if we blame George W. Bush for the high gas prices, shouldn't we also credit him for lowering them?  I'm all about finger-pointing, but let's give credit where credit is due.  Gas prices are just an example.  I don't think GWB has anything to do with gas prices.  So in this case, I think he deserves neither credit nor criticism.  Maybe we can point the finger at the oil industry (bingo!).  They're the ones that are truly at fault.  But it looks like they got things back under control for the most part.  So, good job guys.  But maybe you can give me back some of the hundreds of billions of dollars in profit you got last month.  Maybe.  That would be nice. 

If anything, this sudden rise and gradual fall of gas prices has made me appreciate the fact that they've fallen at all.  If you told me six months ago that gas was gonna cost $2.25 a gallon, I would've been pretty mad.  That would've been a big jump from the then-current price of about $1.85.  But since it's dropped about a dollar per gallon in 2 months, it doesn't feel bad at all. 

Bottom line:  High gas prices were a good thing, George Bush is infallible, and Exxon is giving me $4.45 billion. #politics

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