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Recorded NFL Mon, Sep 24, 2007
I watched a recorded NFL game last night, and I'd probably place it in the top 10 best experiences of my entire life.  I wasn't able to watch the 4:15pm game, so I recorded it on my poor man's DVR.  While the game was being played, I made sure I didn't catch any scores or watch any replays on live TV.  Unlike a TiVo, I can't start watching something until it's done recording, so I had to wait until about 7:45.  Despite my innate understanding of time and its relation to football, I was still amazed that the game only lasted about 1 hour and 15 minutes with timeouts.  Skipping the commercials cut the game time down by about 65%.  Also noteworthy is the fact that commercial breaks during football games last exactly 2 minutes, unlike 3 minutes for normal TV shows.  This means that I needed to press the "commercial skip" button exactly 4 times to get through a commercial break (it simply skips 30 seconds ahead).  What an amazing thing. #entertainment

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