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Snowboarders Tue, Feb 27, 2007
The thing with people who snowboard is that they're all jerks.  [Note:  I snowboard.]  For whatever reason, snowboarding is still sort of a fringe sport, so it attracts all the cool kids and young smokers.  I'm reminded of this every time I go.  I'm surrounded by a bunch of disrespectful (using that word officially makes me old) 14-year-olds that'll eventually drop out of high school and move in with their pregnant girlfriends.  They throw things off the lifts.  They get in people's way.  They throw underwear in trees.  And the weirdest thing about it is that skiers are completely different.  Strap two pieces of plastic to your feet, and you're normal.  Strap one piece, and you're a freak. #psychology

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