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Idiocracy (1) Tue, Feb 27, 2007
Idiocracy is a quietly-released movie from Mike Judge, creator of Beavis and Butt-head, King of the Hill, and of course, Office Space.  Quite simply, it's not a very good movie, so I wouldn't recommend watching it.  It might be one of those that you need to see a few times to actually enjoy it.  If that's the case, oh well.  But it did make a couple interesting points: 

1.  Belief in advertising.  In the movie, Americans in the year 2505 have dumbed down quite a bit.  Brawndo, a company that makes electrolyte-infused beverages, has convinced consumers that electrolytes are the best thing for everybody and everything.  When a smart guy asks why the people are feeding their plants Brawndo, the people answer with marketing slogans like "Because Brawndo has electrolytes" and "Plants crave Brawndo".  Personally, I find myself believing things about specific products and services because their marketing slogans have been permanently branded on my brain.  A diamond is forever.  Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.  What happens in Vegas stay in Vegas.  These are all slogans, not facts.  It's dangerous when a company uses a perceived fact or a personal opinion as the statement that represents a product to millions of people.  Eventually, people start to believe it. 

2.  Quality of entertainment.  All entertainment in the year 2505 is centered around sex, violence, and stupidity.  TV shows include "Ow! My Balls!" and "Monday Night Rehabilitation".  Most restaurants and coffee shops are a mere front end for sexual favors.  And as disturbing and offensive as this all sounds, it's hardly a far cry from our current world.  Jackass the Movie.  Court TV.  Jackass Number 2.  Gentleman's clubs.  The Bachelor.  Take another step or two, and you're right there in the year 2505. #entertainment

Wendy Wed, Feb 28, 2007
I thought the most interesting thing about Idiocracy was Mike Judge's thoughts about the progression of society. He believed that currently those with high IQs took too much time worrying about their career and the "right time to have kids" thus producing little to no offspring. This left those with lower IQs to reproduce in large quantities thus populating the world with low IQs. I mean in high school my teachers were CONSTANTLY telling me how much smarter kids were in the 60s/70s. They said kids those days focused on school, took the time to study, handed in quality assignments, etc. I wonder how true that is? I mean why do they keep "adjusting/modifying" the SATs or some college entrance requirements? Has our society already began this slow landslide toward dumbness?

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