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Performancing (1) Thu, Dec 28, 2006
PayPerPost just bought Performancing.  I tried all of Performancing's products at one time or another, and I was never really impressed by any of them.  Their Firefox extension is a good idea in theory, but I never really had much success with it.  I tried Performancing Metrics when Google Analytics wasn't allowing any new users.  Metrics has a few good features and displays statistical data pretty nicely, but like any external web statistics program, it resides on a server other than my own, so it increases page loading time.  On a positive note, I liked it better than Google's product because it displayed statistics much more intuitively for me.  For some reason, Google Analytics is like trying to learn Chinese.  I tried Performancing Partners for a brief period during my AdSense trials, and I came to the same conclusion as with every other web advertising scheme:  Companies won't buy links on my site because my site is too small.  This means I don't make money with web advertising.  As for the Performancing website in general, I have one major complaint:  The main guy (Nick Wilson) is a horrible writer that needs to discover the magical art of spell check.  Words like "contraversy" can be pretty easily corrected by some artificial intelligence. 

And I guess that's what it all comes down to.  I keep hearing/seeing press about the things Performancing is doing, but I can't bring myself to respect a website, a company, or a person who can't spell. 

This is a sponsored post. #technology

Dave Mon, Jan 08, 2007
Whoops.  Just kidding.  The deal is off, and many people don't think too highly of a company that announces an acquisition and later calls it off.

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