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Trying AdSense again (2) Fri, Sep 29, 2006
I decided to give Google AdSense another try.  I tried it several months ago, but I wasn't impressed by my meager earnings or by the oodles of JavaScript required to display the "unobtrusive" ads.  From the very beginning of my "web presence", I've been a fan of simplicity, and ads seem to make things more complicated by adding more code and displaying a bunch of unnecessary junk.  However, I'd like to try to make some money by doing something I enjoy.  I already have a website.  I already enjoy writing stupid things.  Why not make some money in the process? 

You, the reader, can help me by clicking on some ads.  I only get paid if the ads are clicked.  So even if you're not interested in the ads or you hate them altogether, throw me a bone by clicking on them.  You'll be making the world a better place ... by putting more money in my pocket ... which, in turn, I can pass on to you ... though I probably won't. 

Update (2006-09-29 3:56pm):  I'm also trying out ADster at the bottom of the page.  Initially, I'm not too happy with some of the content of the ads, but we'll see how things go. 

Update (2006-10-02 11:10am):  Adster had too many "adult chat" ads, so I ditched them.  Next up is AdBrite

Update (2006-10-03 11:28am):  AdSense wasn't doing too well for me financially, so I replaced it with AdBrite.  AdBrite is now my sole advertiser.  I'll probably write about my findings at some point. 

Update (2006-10-05 12:10am):  I got rid of the big ads at the bottom because they were ugly and took too long too load.  Also, I came up with a way to only show ads for every 5th post or so, so they should be less "intrusive".  And I'm trying out Text Link Ads because I've heard they're good.  Plus, they make a WordPress plugin.  Zing! #entertainment

Dave Brown Fri, Sep 29, 2006
I clicked on the ad for dan the soda man. I hope you enjoy the money.

Dave Fri, Sep 29, 2006
Thanks for the help.  I don't even know who dan the soda man is.

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