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Scam-baiting Thu, Dec 29, 2005
This website is all about the adventures of Robert K. Keller, a fake name used to answer scam emails.  419 Eater is a collection of the same type of stories (419 being a reference to the section of the Nigerian penal code that addresses fraud). #technology

Mandatory Metallica Thu, Dec 29, 2005
I was listening to Classic Hits 103.7 (the premier [best] radio station in Sussex County; formerly known as Power 103.7) last night, and laughed at their "Mandatory Metallica" segment.  I have a few feelings about Metallica, and they're mostly bad feelings.  But to call something "Mandatory" means that it lost its fun.  It's no longer a choice.  It's requiredRecoil [jokingly] wrote about it a few years ago. #entertainment

New TSA guidelines Thu, Dec 29, 2005
The Onion has an interpretation of the TSA's new guidelines regarding air travel restrictions.  My favorite is the last one:  "If subjected to five random searches over one-year period, passenger eligible for free "sharper-object upgrade".  Genius. #travel

Blocked Thu, Dec 29, 2005
Apparently, my employer blocked access to my website.  So I can't visit my site while I'm at work.  I found an insecure way around it and made the previous two posts, but I don't trust that method.  I'll have to think of some other way around this. #technology

Napkin folding Thu, Dec 29, 2005
This site is about fancy napkin folding.  Similar to my post about bedsheet folding. #technology

Ombudsman (1) Thu, Dec 29, 2005
I would say this could be a word of the day, but this is too important.  This is the word of the century.  Ombudsman - "A man who investigates complaints and mediates fair settlements, especially between aggrieved parties such as consumers or students and an institution or organization."  I found it while looking around a Canadian website.  At the bottom of the page, it had the typical "Contact Us", "Terms of Use", and "Privacy" links, but it also had a link to "Ombudsman".  Apparently this is an everyday word in Canada.  What a strange country. #language