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Metallica (3) Sat, Oct 22, 2005
Back in April of 2000, Metallica sued Napster.  At the time, I understood why:  people were copying and sharing music without paying for it, something that had been happening with tapes and CDs for years but had become a big deal with the advent of peer-to-peer software.  However, I didn't realize something until I heard it on VH1:  Metallica were essentially suing the people who liked their music.  They searched on Napster for their songs and found that a lot of people had their music.  Most bands would have been proud that so many people listened to their music, but Metallica wanted money.  I guess I just never realized how Metallica directly sued their fans.  It's not like they can say they were looking out for the rights of other bands.  They were looking out for their own good, and they wanted people to stop listening to their music.  And it's not like they wanted to stop file sharing in general because they didn't agree with the idea.  No:  they wanted to stop file sharing so people would stop listening to their music. 

Now, whenever I hear Metallica on the radio, I'm repulsed.  If they don't want me to listen to their music, fine, I won't.  Buncha jerks.  By this event alone, Metallica lost countless fans.  Good job, guys.  Super instinct. #entertainment

Calvin Jamison Fri, Mar 16, 2007
Dude, you suck. you don't seem to get it. if that's the reason u hate metallica, then you're an idiot. They have a right to their music. it wasn't about the money! it was because they had lost control of what they wanted to release out there and what they didnt.

Dave Fri, Mar 16, 2007
You didn't convince me that I'm wrong.  Therefore, I'm an idiot.

Wendy Mon, Mar 19, 2007
i agree with you both (and it's not because i'm afraid to take sides), but it did seem like Metallica was only out for the money...altho i can see them not wanting to lose control over their music (i.e. some recording studio dude wanting to make money by posting their out-takes)...

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