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Cat lessons part 2 Mon, Dec 05, 2005
Part 1 was about Dilbert.  Part 2 is about Nemo.

What my cat Nemo taught me about life:
1.  Don't talk to strangers:  Sniff them first. 
2.  Know when it's your time to get attention. 
3.  Don't take someone else's job:  After you do your "business" in the litter box, leave it for Dilbert to clean up.  He's good at that. 
4.  Don't give your caretaker more work to do when they come home:  Throw up in the middle of the night when they're sleeping. 
5.  Let others know when you're not happy with them:  Hiss and growl. 
6.  Reach for the unattainable:  Chase light and reflections from watches. 
7.  Remember your roots:  Knead soft, fuzzy things. 
8.  Don't be ashamed of your shortcomings:  If you feel carsick, just lose control of all bodily functions.  That'll teach 'em. 


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