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Check engine light (1) Thu, Aug 11, 2005
The check engine light in my car keeps coming on.  This is what the book says:  "Empty fuel tank - If the fuel tank is empty, refuel immediately.  Loose fuel tank cap - If the fuel tank cap is loose, securely tighten it.  These cases are temporary malfunctions.  The malfunction indicator lamp will go off after taking several driving trips.  It the lamp does not go off even after several trips, contact your Toyota dealer as soon as possible."  Did you catch that?  Basically it says that the check engine light is stupid, so drive around for a while before you go to the dealer.  What's that about?  What if it's a serious problem?  It later says, "If the fuel tank is not empty or the fuel tank cap is not loose ... there is a problem somewhere in the engine, emission control system, automatic transmission electrical system, or warning light system itself."  Well at least it's not serious.  Oh wait, automatic transmission electrical system.  Hmm that sounds a little serious.  Engine?  Right.  Problems with my engine could be big problems.  Big friggin problems!  Toyota says, "Hey don't worry about it man.  Just walk it off."  I'm not sure I'm comfortable with their relaxed attitude towards major vehicle malfunction. #travel

Kyle Stemen Sun, Aug 14, 2005
I think the check engine light and that whole system is mostly to make it easier for the government to do emissions checks. Most of the time when it comes on, it's because your car *thinks* it's polluting too much. I say 'thinks' because it seems like one of the sensors goes bad more often than it catches something.

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