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About Thu, Aug 11, 2005
Hi, I'm Dave Hosier.  I started this website in 2004 because I had some things I wanted to write down.  And so it continues.  The domain name corresponds to the first and last letters of my first and last names.  Clever, I know. 

I grew up and continue to live in New Jersey.  I went to Kittatinny Regional High School and Stevens Institute of Technology.  I've attended Lafayette Federated Church, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Bethlehem Church, and Liquid Church.  But now I'm an atheist.  Things change. 

I work as an engineer.  I like reading non-fiction, playing open-world video games, and snowboarding.  I'm an introvert.  If I had to choose sides, I'd say I'm a right-leaning left-of-center agnostic atheist rationalist.  I also like whiskey. 

This website is powered by a custom-built PHP blogging platform that stores information in a plain text database.  I made it myself.  Hope you like it.

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