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AM radio (1) Thu, Aug 11, 2005
No, this isn't about that catchy pop tune by Everclear.  I'm talking about Amplitude Modulation radio.  I listen to AM radio in my car sometimes.  I try to become a little bit informed, instead of filling my head with the same old classic rock tunes.  But AM radio gets annoying sometimes.  A lot of the talk show people do their own commercials.  So they'll be talking about something that's happening in the world, and then in the same sentence they'll say something about their wife trying something called Shaminy Esoteak.  What the heck is that?  And the "good ones" do it seamlessly, without even the slightest hint that you're listening to a commercial.  Like Paul Harvey.  I like him because he has interesting things to say.  But he always talks about this thing called ocular degeneration.  If I was a normal person, I'd have no clue what the heck he's talking about.  But I'm a super-genius, so I know he's talking about eyes.  I also think it's a little annoying that I can hear 10 minutes of commercials in a row during my 11 minute drive to ShopRite.  So then I go back to filling my head with the same old classic rock tunes. #entertainment

Mike Fri, Aug 12, 2005
XM is the future. Over 150 channels of crispy digital channels! Pure music with no commercial interuptions. Act NOW!

I have it at work, home, and in the car. The greatest thing since EZ-PASS.

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