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Luck (1) Mon, Mar 28, 2005
I don't believe in using words like luck, coincidence, and ironic.  It implies that everything is left to chance, which completely leaves God out of the equation.  As one of my roommates once said, "God just isn't part of the equation right now."  But seriously, to tell someone "Good luck!" is like saying, "Hey, see what happens out there and where chance takes you because there's no rhyme or reason in any of this.  The universe is composed of complete disorder, and to have any expectations would be futile.  Just try to walk in conformance to 'how things are' and accept things as they come."  This isn't cool.  I slipped up and told somebody, "Good luck with the Marines" on Friday night.  I felt like such an idiot.  I haven't used the word luck in quite a while.  It's no longer a normal part of my vocabulary.  In place of that I use things like "have fun with that" or "best wishes."  At least these phrases mean something.  Also, in place of the words coincidence and ironic is the word "providential," which means "Happening as if through divine intervention."  Now that's what I'm talking about. #religion

Dave Wed, Mar 30, 2005
Update:  I also believe in using the word "fortunate" instead of the word luck because it has the connotation that God has given us this fortune, not that it happened by chance.  This may be trivial at this point, but I don't care; it's connotation, not denotation.

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