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First emailed blog Fri, Mar 25, 2005
Yep that's right.  This entry was emailed and automatically posted on my blog.  Amazing, isn't it?  Here's how I fixed all my formatting and other various problems (stop reading if don't even understand those first few lines):  I added a little line to my style.css file:  ".mobile-post {display: inline;}".  This takes the blank spaces out of blog entries that are emailed (because the mobile-post class is automatically set up to use a separate paragraph -- stupid).  Then I figured out how to show all my archives at the top of the page.  This was relatively easy.  But most amazing is this:  sometimes Blogger gives errors that say something like "javascript error EOF bla bla bla."  I read somewhere that you can change your FTP server to its IP address.  This works sometimes.  Or you can close out all browsers and clear all temporary internet files.  This works sometimes too.  Or you can do this:  Go to the template section of Blogger, and click on "Preview."  This opens up anything in your blog, even if it wasn't officially published to your FTP site.  This way, you can at least look at what you just did. 

Don't worry, this hurts me more than it hurts you. #technology

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