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Bible times Fri, Mar 25, 2005
I'm thinking that things were kinda different in Bible times.  I think Christianity would be a lot more believable (for people who don't believe) if we were still living in Bible times.  All the people of the nations surrounding Israel acted in a similar way:  they sacrificed burnt offerings and peace offerings to gods.  To us, this means nothing because we don't know what sacrificing stuff means, and we usually associate it with cults.  But to the people in Bible times, it was fresh in their minds and made all the sense in the world.  So the idea of sin also made sense to them.  If you sinned, you needed to sacrifice to God.  There needed to be blood shed for the forgiveness of sins (Leviticus 17:11).  Similar to the idea of sin, the idea of a savior would also have made sense:  a person/thing to pay the price for everybody's sin.  This would be appealing. 

There was more to this thought.  I just can't remember it right now.  It keeps coming to my mind, and it makes a lot more sense before I try to verbalize it. #religion

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