As I stood next to my blooming cherry tree the other day, bees were happily buzzing around the flowers, doing their pollinating thing and generally disregarding me.  Bees serve a very obvious, beneficial purpose.  Humans and bees can happily coexist. 

Wasps (and yellow jackets and hornets), as far as I can tell (though I haven't done the research), serve literally no purpose other than to get mad and sting you when you disturb their conspicuously-placed nests.  They're like the little man of the bug world, always looking for a fight and using their tried and true sucker punch to win on a technicality. 

Bees and wasps are both flying, stinging insects.  But bees are fuzzy and good.  Wasps are angry and evil.  This is how I justify using Raid to gleefully massacre an entire wasp nest. #nature