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Girls get guns Tue, Mar 27, 2018
Since America has a bit of a gun problem that I doubt we'll ever solve, I think one thing we could do is take guns away from men and give them to women.  In fact, when a female child enters the world, she should be given a gun.  Maybe like a small one that's practical and cute for a female baby.  But seriously here's why:  The overwhelmingly vast majority of mass shootings are committed by men.  Men are bad at handling life appropriately.  They're aggressive, and often violent.  They shouldn't be allowed anywhere near guns.  I don't know that switching the ownership of guns from men to women would create fewer mass shootings, but I also don't know that it wouldn't. 

The other incredibly major reason to give girls guns is that they're more likely to be the victims of domestic and sexual violence than men.  I feel like a really easy fix would be to put a gun in every girl's hand.  Try slapping a girl who's aiming a gun at your forehead. #sociology

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