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Just leave already Wed, May 24, 2017
One of my coworkers announced that she's taking a "temporary" one-year assignment overseas, which I believe she'll turn into a permanent departure because she hates her job.  That's fine and all -- except it's not because she's just piling her work responsibilities onto other people, just like she did when she got pregnant, twice -- but as soon as she announced it, she was dead to me.  It was like a breakup.  We each have to move on; go our separate ways.  Except that something got messed up with her paperwork, so she's currently in limbo.  Now it's worse than a breakup.  It's like being broken up, but still living with a person.  You see each other in the kitchen.  You chat in the hallway -- "How are things?  You look well."  But really all I want is for this shitty limbo process to be over.  Either stay or go.  But since you've burned me before, just go.  Make up your mind, get your paperwork together, and just go.  You're dead to me but you're still here.  You're like a corpse. #business

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