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Experimentalism Wed, May 17, 2017
I guess I would call myself an experimentalist in the sense that, in the quest to solve a problem, I'm willing to try anything, regardless of how unconventional the solution is or how anecdotal the outcome might be.  This kind of goes against the scientific method a little bit, where you're supposed to develop an educated guess, not a wild ass one.  And that guess should probably be based in some sort of reality, preferably with some sort of valid reasoning.  But I always come back to the simple fact that if it works, it works.  I have a fairly rigid worldview, but I'm somewhat open to having my mind changed by actual results. 

This comes up a lot with medical treatments for illnesses and injuries.  There's a lot of quackery online about taking some supplement or applying some magical oil to cure something "doctors don't want you to know about".  Despite the lack of solid science supporting many of these types of treatments (and usually the abundance of solid science disproving the claims), I'm open to at least a few of them.  But at the same time, I'm fine with rejecting them when they turn out to be useless.  Too many people like to focus only on positive outcomes and simply ignore the negative ones.  If your solution doesn't work, reject it.  Simple as that. #science

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