I like my house's indoor temperature to be 70°F.  There's something special about that number that just feels exactly right.  68?  A little cold.  72?  A little warm.  70 is just right.  I happened to marry a person who has the same temperature profile, so that's good. 

One of my friends likes to keep his house around 62 in the winter.  It's expensive to keep a house too warm, but that's not entirely why he does it.  He's comfortable at that temperature.  In fact, he's comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt in that temperature.  I'll show up in pants and a long-sleeve shirt and have to sit on my hands to keep them warm, and he'll be walking around like it's summertime. 

The point is, different people have different normal operating temperatures.  Some people are warm when it's 62; some people are cold when it's 75.  Putting any two people in a room together nearly ensures that at least one of them will be uncomfortable. #lifestyle