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Undecided voters Mon, Jul 25, 2016
As of right now, the current American election landscape features two candidates with the lowest approval ratings in the history of elections.  It's essentially a choice between a shit sandwich and a shit salad.  Literally every human being on earth either hates one candidate, hates the other, or hates them both.  They're pretty terrible people.  At least we can all agree on that. 

But what a lot of people like to ignore, or delude themselves into not believing, is that it's a two-party system.  You either vote Democrat, or you vote Republican.  Voting for a third-party candidate is literally throwing your vote away, for the convoluted reason that entire states are won or lost in support of a single candidate, which are then fed into the electoral college system to determine a winner.  Or whatever.  I don't understand how elections work.  But I do understand that if I'm a Republican (hint:  I'm not) voting in a Democrat-heavy state, my vote will likely be outweighed by the rest of the votes.  Not only that, but if I vote for a third-party candidate in either a Republican-heavy or Democrat-heavy state (those are the only choices), my vote will surely be outweighed by the rest of the votes. 

UNLESS everyone gets on the same page and votes for a third-party candidate, which will happen exactly never.  And of course a side effect of voting for a third-party candidate is that it takes votes away from one of the two main candidates, ensuring the victory of the other. 

Anyway, to my main point.  Most people say they're undecided about who to vote for, for the aforementioned scatalogical reasons.  Or more accurately, they're definitely not voting for the opposite party's candidate, but they're not yet comfortable voting for their party's candidate.  My prediction is that all that rhetoric will wash away, and people will vote for whoever is the forerunner of their political party.  That's how the two-party system works.  You can be as undecided as you want, and you can feel uncomfortable about supporting a candidate, but in the end you'll eat that shit, whether it's a sandwich or a salad, because there's literally no other viable option. #politics

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