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Black and blue lives (2) Mon, Jul 25, 2016
There's a debate currently going on in our country about whose lives are more valuable:  Black peoples' or police.  Or at least that's how the debate is framed.  Like any issue in our divisive culture, if you're not on one side you're on the other.  If you support black lives, you hate cops.  If you support all lives, you hate black people.  I think in reality most people generally sit the fence, i.e. they believe that black lives matter, and that blue lives also matter.  This is the correct answer.  Personally, I don't think this needs to be a thing.  Black lives matter; this is true.  Black people seem to get routinely killed by police, while unarmed and in plain view of video cameras.  This is a problem.  The solution, clearly, is not to kill police.  In this case, violence doesn't defeat violence, unless you honestly think you're gonna overthrow the government (good luck with that).  I don't know what the solution is, but I'm pretty sure it's not to scream louder than the people who keep getting shot for little to no reason.  As a twitter-er said "#AllLivesMatter is like I go to the Dr for a broken arm and he says "All Bones Matter" ok but right now let's take care of this broken one".  And as the infamous Rodney King said 24 years ago, "Can we all get along?" #sociology

Disagree Thu, Jul 28, 2016
I actually completely disagree.  It's not one or another, you can be pro #blacklivesmatter and also be pro cop.  No one who believes in #blacklivesmatter believes that we should be killing cops.  Extremists go to extremes.  But you're right, there is a problem and we need to figure out how to end the prejudice that many people in this country are facing.

ddhr Wed, Aug 03, 2016
In stating your case, you made two comments that stand out:  (1) "It's not one or another" -- this was exactly my point, and (2) "No one who believes in #blacklivesmatter believes that we should be killing cops." -- tell that to the cops who were shot in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

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