Consistent logic

One of the unsettling things about religion is that it causes people to inconsistently utilize logic across different subject areas.  No reasonable person, for example, learns how to drive a car but then suddenly decides to attempt to decelerate by slamming on the gas pedal.  Logic consists at least partly of adhering to facts.  Famous Christian Joel Osteen said, "Choose faith in spite of the facts."  I have a problem with that line of thought.  Facts are what allow us to store knowledge.  They are the result of our observations and experiences.  You can't just ignore facts because they contradict your worldview.  That is profoundly narrow-minded and wrongheaded. 

I say all this because I used to employ this religious peculiarity.  It bothered me that I had an education and was in a profession that valued causes and effects, while in my free time I hoped an invisible sky fairy would grant me my wishes.  I've known tons of religious people who are otherwise extremely intelligent, but who persist in fencing off one part of their brain to devote to mythology and magic.  It would be better if it was just the idiots and the children who believed in things they couldn't see and couldn't hear and couldn't prove.  But it's more like the majority of adult, sentient humans.  That's scary. [[religion]]