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Good at school, bad at work (1) Fri, Apr 04, 2014
I was a good student in school by all objective measures.  At some point I figured out how to beat the system:  You succeed by getting good grades; you get good grades by doing well on tests and homework.  It helps if you can do this in an efficient amount of time so you can devote your waking hours to the things you enjoy.  At no point in this equation did "learning" come into play.  Or I guess you could say learning was kept to a minimum.  I learned just enough to do well on tests and homework so I could get good grades. 

Fast forward to life as an employee, and I'm finding that the way I succeeded in school puts me at a disadvantage at work.  At a job which requires a lot of the knowledge I supposedly learned in school, the fact that I didn't retain much is a little troubling.  I can try to relearn things, but I'm already behind a lot of my co-workers.  It's difficult working with people who did well in school and who also learned and retained the subject material. #education

SJ Sat, May 23, 2015
Exactly my problem too. And sometimes I find myself blaming the schooling system and the fact that how to learn, in the sense of thinking independently and questioning existing knowledge, is not something I feel I got out of school. I learnt how to retain information over the short-term and regurgitate it in a structured way. Still a useful skill at times, but I find, like you, I am way behind most of my colleagues in terms of what I know and can explain without having to look it up. Despite being a straight A student at school. I am trying to cram to catch up but there's SO MUCH that the task at times looks insurmountable. Also not good for the self-esteem.  Any suggestions, including on tips for how to learn effectively, would be welcome!!

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