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Exercise psychology Sat, Mar 15, 2014
I think working out is almost as much psychological as it is physical.  The physical benefits are obvious:  increased strength, stamina, circulation, etc.  And then there are the non-obvious benefits like endorphins and attractiveness.  But I think an important aspect that's often overlooked is the psychology, both in terms of achievement (being able to lift more or run longer) and self-fulfilling prophecy (believing something, acting as if it were true, watching it become true).  If I believe I'll achieve the benefits of working out, and then I work out and achieve those benefits, I'll be happy with what I've achieved, and I'll be happy that my beliefs were right.  Conversely, missing out on an opportunity for a workout means I'm not achieving my goals and not reaping the psychological benefits, which feels twice as bad using the same logic. #health

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