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Term limits (1) Tue, Jul 09, 2013
Everybody agrees it's good to have term limits for the president of the country.  You don't want a dictator for life.  But it's surprising how few other political offices have term limits.  Or, put another way, no other federal political offices have term limits.  That's ridiculous if you think about it for two seconds.  Especially with three branches of government, and all those checks and balances and whatnot, it's pathetic that a senator or a congressman or a *gasp* supreme court justice can stay in office until they collapse into a pile of goo.  It would be one thing if these people determined the content on the local AM radio station.  But in reality, they determine what the citizens of their country are legally able to do.  Who better to entrust with the future of a nation than a group of rich, old, out-of-touch, sexually-deviant white men? #politics

JSW Wed, Jul 10, 2013
2 terms max and then back to the real world says I!

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