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Resomation (2) Fri, Aug 26, 2011
It has been suggested (via Neatorama) that the most environmentally-friendly thing to do with your body after you die is to liquefy it by means of an alkali salt bath, which is called resomation.  Casket burials use embalming fluids that leach into the ground, and cremations utilize fossil fuels for combustion.  Or as one commenter added:  "I remember reading [about] a method where the corpse is put in a tub full of crabs, who eat it."  Response:  "Then do all your friends & family gather a week later for a crab boil?" #nature

Ed Gazvoda Mon, Aug 29, 2011
CycledLife, www.CycledLife.com, offers a more enviromentally friendly alkali disposition than the older style, high-temperature systems. It uses less energy and water. Cremation harms one's survivors.

The use of crabs and other biological methods of disposition do not provide for safe dispositions. Viruses, bacteria, and prions can be ingested and spread. Vultures have been used for a ritual form of biological disposition. They often perish from ingesting unsafe human remains.

When I consider my final disposition's impact on my family and friends, I will choose a CycledLife.

Dave Mon, Aug 29, 2011
Surely this is the first resomation-centric spam comment in the history of the internet.  Huzzah!

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