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Instant replay in sports (3) Thu, Jul 28, 2011
I think the question regarding instant replay in sports is not if it'll become more widely used, but how it'll be implemented.  There's no doubt that human referees make mistakes.  It's perhaps a little naive to think a mere mortal can make an important split-second decision while under immense financial and spectatorial pressure, and to do so flawlessly, every time.  I think we should accept that fact and do something about it instead of getting angry and blaming the refs for bad calls.  The way the NFL currently uses instant replay is a little annoying at times, and certain coaches appear to use it as a momentum-stopping tactic, which is smart but not what it's there for.  But at least it's there as an option to challenge the calls that are the most obviously wrong.  My prediction is that most, if not all, sports will soon adopt some sort of instant replay.  Or else they'll start utilizing error-proof robotic refs.  One or the other.  Because honestly, something like the strike zone in baseball is a scientifically measurable thing.  Nothing that's measurable should ever be left up to the opinion of a lowly human. #sports

M@tt Sell@r Thu, Jul 28, 2011
When these sports were being invented, there was no other option.  There was no electricity much less instantly reviewable video footage to determine the right call.  People are acting like since the inventors didn't use video footage, we shouldn't either.  MLB is bad too because the umps seem to take it as their right to be part of the baseball game. 

Umpires and referees should be seen as a stopgap until a better solution could be used.  We now have that better solution.

Rus Wed, Aug 03, 2011
I couldn't agree more.  Besides, I love watching all of those commercials and think there should be more of them!  And Baseball has become so intense, fast paced and breathtaking, the additional break in action would probably be better on my health.

Dave Thu, Aug 04, 2011
Please refrain from using sarcasm on my website.

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