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Windows 7 on netbooks (1) Fri, Jun 24, 2011
About a year ago I got a netbook, a little laptop that's lightweight, cheap, and has great battery life.  But because of its size, it has some less-than-impressive hardware.  It doesn't have much RAM, and it's not great at playing games or things like that.  But it's great for simple web searching and light computing, which is exactly why I bought it and exactly what I use it for.  For some reason, it came pre-installed with Windows 7.  Like any new software iteration, Windows 7 is a bigger, fatter, slower version of its previous incarnations, and as such, requires significant hardware to feed its neverending gluttony.  So obviously what I'm getting at is that Windows 7 is the absolute worst operating system you can possibly put on a netbook.  Yesterday I was finally able to coax my netbook into letting me install Windows XP from a USB drive (since it has no CD drive), and now it's amazing.  It's blazing fast and everything just works.  I can't believe I dealt with Windows 7 for an entire year. #technology

M@tt Sell@r Sun, Jul 03, 2011
I just turned off aero and I haven't had any problems with performance.  I use mine for chrome, word, powerpoint, and videos (mostly videos) so there isn't any heavy computing going on.  The only problem in term of performance is that it can't play high def video, but the operating system can't help that.

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