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Swipe-free credit card Fri, Oct 29, 2010
My credit card company sent me a thing in the mail that works the same as a credit card except you don't have to swipe it.  Instead you just wave it in front of a magnetic or infrared reader.  And it's tiny so it fits on your keychain, or it can come with an adhesive back so you can stick it to your cell phone.  The problem is that this method of payment isn't accepted everywhere, i.e. merchants have to buy a special swipe-free credit card reader, and it's not nearly as ubiquitous as a traditional credit card reader.  So while it's convenient because you don't always have to bring your wallet with you, you have to know whether or not a store accepts swipe-free payments, which means you're better off bringing your wallet with you just in case, which makes the swipe-free payment tag completely useless. #money

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