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Flying mattress (2) Mon, Oct 25, 2010
I helped one of my friends move last week.  After lugging his giant king-sized mattress down two flights of stairs and loading it onto the back of his pickup truck, we decided it didn't need to be tied down because it was so heavy.  This was our first mistake.  The internet says it weighs somewhere between 120 and 150 lbs, but I wouldn't have been surprised if it weighed ten times that amount.  It was stupid heavy.  And bulky.  And being somewhat of an expert regarding the flight of physical objects (they say I'm an "aerospace engineer," whatever that means), I decided that unlike a rigid airplane wing, this skinny, flat object would bend and flex way before it became airborne.  This was our second mistake.  So I got in the chase car and happily watched this mattress bend and flex in the back of my friend's truck, feeling satisfied it wouldn't bounce anywhere.  This was our third mistake.  It's true, it didn't bounce out of the truck.  It just so happened that this was one of the windiest days we've had in a while.  So while we drove along on a fairly slow road, the mattress caught a gust of wind and did the impossible, achieving liftoff and flying into the adjacent lane of oncoming traffic, where it was hit by an SUV.  We pulled our vehicles over and spent the next several minutes unraveling the mattress cover from the SUV's wheel well and assessing the damage.  Thankfully, this giant flying mattress only caused a little body damage to this SUV, and no humans were harmed in the making of this stunt.  We apologized to the driver of the SUV, who will probably win the award of being one of the most chill people ever, as he said, "Eh, it happens."  No sir, king-sized mattresses do not in fact fly out of the beds of pickup trucks and land in the road in front of your vehicle, almost killing you and causing a major accident.  Note to future humans:  Despite what you may believe about physics and common sense, 150-lb mattresses can fly. #entertainment

Rus Tue, Oct 26, 2010
You actually did the guy a favor....imagine:

"Dude, I hit a deer the other day and it totally messed up my grill, hood and alignment.  Has a deer ever darted out in front of you?"

"No, but ."

He's gonna get beers bought for him for years to come.

Dave Tue, Oct 26, 2010
I didn't see it as a favor at the time, but yeah I guess you're right.  Plus if he hit a deer, the deer wouldn't have offered to pay for the damages.  Deer are selfish like that.

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