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Fat vs. fats Thu, Oct 14, 2010
There's some confusion regarding good fats and bad fats, like "What's the difference?" and "Why the hell are we just learning about this now?".  I would say the confusion lies primarily in the wording.  We all know, from celebrities and teenagers and other perfect role models, that "fat" is a bad word.  And since "fat" is something that's also found in food, we've learned to assume that food containing "fat" is bad.  But "fat" the description and "fat" the food compound are completely different things, almost to the point of being unrelated.  WebMD puts it nicely:  "You can get fat eating carbs and protein, even if you eat little dietary fat."  In other words, body fat is caused by eating excess calories, and calories come from fat, carbs, protein, and other food chemicals.  I vote we start using the scientific word for dietary fat:  Lipids. #health

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