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Doctors' cars (1) Fri, Sep 24, 2010
My chiropractor owns two very nice German sports cars.  And that's fine; people who earn a living are fully entitled to spend it however they want.  But after I walked out of his office recently, many dollars poorer, I couldn't help but think that his income is directly related to the price he decides to charge people.  I realize that a certain portion of that price is paid for by insurance, but even then, the money he gets is the money he collects from his patients.  And it would be one thing if he had a nice office (he doesn't) or a nice house (I don't know), but instead he has nice cars, which he parks right next to the front door, seemingly as a reminder to all his patients that their medical expenses are paying not only for a mode of transportation, but for a specific declaration of wealth disguised as a mode of transportation.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you own your own business and you set your own prices, it's pretty crappy to flaunt your wealth in front of the people who are providing for you.  But when you crack my neck in just the right way to make all my problems disappear, I'll look past your faults. #travel

Rus Mon, Sep 27, 2010
The healthy doctor parks his car in front of the door so his sick patients can walk further to pay him.  Perhaps he's doing it for their own good.

I got rid of our last dog soon after I paid a few vet bills and saw his nice beemer in front of his practice.

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