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Choosing a new TV Thu, Sep 23, 2010
I just completed the purchase of a new HD TV (since you can no longer buy a non-HD TV, I'll henceforth refer to it simply as a TV).  Unlike most of my other big purchases, I couldn't do a product comparison matrix where I list and rank different features and choose the one with the highest rating.  TVs can have the best features in the world, but it all comes down to how good the picture looks.  And the only way to compare how different TVs look is to go to a store and stare with an open mouth at the wall covered in giant TVs, which happens to be one of the most enjoyable shopping experiences imaginable.  TV manufacturers know that consumers like to compare numbers, so they advertise things like screen size and resolution and refresh rate, with the assumption that better numbers equate to a better product.  But in reality, in my experience anyway, two TVs with the exact same features and numbers typically have completely different picture quality.  And I couldn't really rely on online product reviews, because different people see things differently.  So my experience consisted of going to several different stores, watching the sports highlights and animal videos, and choosing the TV that looked the nicest.  By about the third store with the same outcome, my mind was set. #entertainment

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