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If it works Fri, Sep 17, 2010
I regularly get phone calls with a recorded cheerful voice that starts out like this:  "Hi, I'm calling about your current credit account."  The caller/robot doesn't identify him/herself, doesn't mention my name specifically, and doesn't mention what "credit account" they're calling about.  It's phone spam, and every time it happens, I hang up and think, who falls for this crap?  Seriously, are there people out there who give out their credit card information and social security numbers over the phone and on the internet whenever asked?  Do people still really fall for stupid scams?  Aren't we smarter than that?  But I guess the fact that I keep getting these calls proves that they're at least mildly successful.  If there was no money to be made, or if there was money to be lost, these things wouldn't happen.  And I guess it's the same with email spam, clothing catalogs (honestly, who on earth orders clothes through the mail?), phone books, internet pop-ups (which are mostly a thing of the past at this point), and those local car dealership TV commercials with the crazy guy screaming at the camera.  If there's money to be made, people will do anything. #technology

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