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Front desk number Fri, Aug 20, 2010
So there I was a few nights ago, sitting in my hotel room, watching TV, when all of a sudden I got a call on the room phone.  I couldn't imagine who it would be since anyone who could possibly want to contact me would call my cell phone.  So I answered, and a lady on the other end asks, "Is this the front desk?"  Slightly annoyed at her incompetence but somewhat understanding because of the fact that I was staying in room 123 and thinking maybe she just picked up the phone and started pressing numbers, I answer with a hint of anger, "Nope."  As I hang up I notice the international standard set of important numbers printed on the phone itself, with the front desk being at the top of the list and having the very-easy-to-guess number of "0."  About 30 seconds later, the phone rings again, and sure enough it's the same lady asking for the front desk.  Masking my incoherent rage at her blinding stupidity, I politely say, "You might want to try dialing 0."  I didn't hear from her again, and she should be thankful for that. #technology

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