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Small web annoyances Wed, Mar 31, 2010
This applies to people who publish content on the internet: 
  1. Underlined text.  Underlines are the international identifier of links.  So unless your text is linked, it shouldn't be underlined.  Otherwise people will try to click on it and then wind up hating you when it doesn't link to anything.  If you need to emphasize something, use bold, italics, or quotes.
  2. Spaces in links.  (I wrote about this a while ago.)  Or I should say "spaces at the beginning or end of links."  Many web publishing tools allow you to create links by double-clicking on your text and clicking the "Insert Link" button.  But when you double-click on a word, it automatically selects the space immediately after the word or string of words.  And links like this or this look stupid.
In other news, I'm a perfectionist, and not in a good way. #technology

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