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Busted stuff Fri, Nov 20, 2009
I tend to be gentle with my gadgets.  I don't sit on my cameras, and my cell phones don't slide across parking lots.  But a couple years ago, Wendy and I found an iPod on the beach, and since no one was around to claim it, we adopted it as our own.  But Wendy had just bought an iPod, so this one became mine.  Alas, a wind-swept sandy beach, as one might expect, had not treated this poor device too kindly.  It had a scratched screen, and the usually beautiful shiny steel back was all mottled and ugly.  But I have to say from the time I've been using this thing, I've never treated a device more poorly, and I've never felt less bad about it.  If it breaks, oh well, it wasn't mine to begin with.  So I throw it in my bag, put my grubby fingerprints all over it, and laugh at the people who keep their precious little metallic music players in pretty little cases. #products

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