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Driving to save money (6) Tue, Aug 04, 2009
I rented two movies from a DVD kiosk the other night, then planned to return them on my way to work yesterday to avoid the late charge.  I got to work and realized I forgot to return the movies, but I was faced with a dilemma:  Drive 15-20 miles to return the movies, or suck up the $2 late charge?  For most people, that's an easy decision:  Suck it up.  Even with the late charge, it's still less than Blockbuster.  But for me, a late charge is an admission of failure.  It's like holding up the white flag, or wearing the scarlet letter.  Rational people would be happy to know I disregarded my control-freak-ery, stayed at work, and accepted the late fee.  But don't think for an instant I wouldn't drive 20 miles to save $2. #business

stevo Tue, Aug 04, 2009
redbox is great because you dont have to return it to the same kiosk. saves some driving.

Dave Tue, Aug 04, 2009
Ooh I wasn't aware of that.  Wouldn't have helped me too much, but nice to know.

JSW Thu, Aug 06, 2009
I haven't paid a late fee since joining net flx. I wish I would have joined sooner. The only problem with it is our queue has grown quite large.

Dave Thu, Aug 06, 2009
But the problem with Netflix is that you have to wait to get something in the mail.  I'm an American.  I want immediate gratification.

JSW Thu, Aug 06, 2009
I hear you. I decided I Iike my $$ more than instant gratification.

Stef Fri, Aug 28, 2009
Blockbuster actually offers a NetFlix sort of thing and as far as I know it's not any more expensive than NetFlix.  They have different "plans" that offer different sorts of goodies.  My personal favorite is the fact that you can return the movies to any store and you'll have the next movie on your queue usually within a day of that.  Also, you get a certain number of free rentals in the store per month so you can get your instant gratification by just swapping movies.  I highly recommend it.

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