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God coincidences (2) Thu, Apr 09, 2009
As someone with a basic knowledge of probability, I know that if I pick a colored ball from a bucket of variously-colored balls, then pick another colored ball from a different bucket of variously-colored balls, there's a certain probability that both balls will be the same color.  This probability increases with more buckets, and increases even more with fewer ball colors.  It's not rocket science.  It's how things like Blackjack and the lottery work. 

Nonetheless, I'm still amazed when I manage to hear or learn something about God and then rehear/relearn it in a different setting with little time in between.  The most recent example was about personal pain and suffering, and how we have a tendency to look for a cause or a cure when we should instead be looking for a purpose.  It was the main message behind a series of sermons at one church, then it was mentioned the following week at an entirely different church, then I read it in my personal Bible study.  It's hard for me to call that a coincidence. #religion

Rus Thu, Apr 09, 2009
The probability of God speaking to the open heart through such multiple occurrences is 1.

Dave Thu, Apr 09, 2009
Well played.

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