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AIG bonuses (3) Thu, Mar 26, 2009
AIG paid its employees $165 million in bonuses after receiving $170 billion in charity from the government.  As xkcd pointed out, that's a misleading way to look at it.  It's more accurately $165,000,000 of $170,000,000,000, or a little under 0.1%.  That's like lending your friend $10 and then getting mad because he gave someone else a penny.  And then when he tried to "recoup" that penny, he only managed to get half a penny, but that still made you happy. #money

Rus Thu, Mar 26, 2009
That doesn't make it any easier for me to swallow.

Dave Thu, Mar 26, 2009
Right.  It's still a ridiculous amount of money.  It doesn't help that it's only a minuscule portion of a larger ridiculous amount of money.

Ahren Brunow Fri, Mar 27, 2009
But 165 million is much larger than 1 penny.  I realize the amount paid out in bonuses pails in comparison to the total sum they received from the government, but American's are outraged because while they are losing their jobs execs at a troubled AIG are being rewarded.

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