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Food vessels Wed, Mar 25, 2009
I've been noticing recently that certain foods serve the sole purpose of transporting a messy food from a container to my mouth.  Of course that's the case with ice cream cones, but it's also the case with chips, wraps, and pretty much any type of bread.  With chips, I'm usually trying to ingest salsa or chili, but the chip vessel is an additional bonus.  But even just chips by themselves are essentially transporting a flavor, whether it's salt or BBQ sauce or the dreaded ranch/onion/why-don't-you-just-eat-a-dead-animal.  The flavor is really what I'm after, not the bland, crunchy thing in between it and me.  It's the same with bread.  Sure it holds my sandwich together, but even when I eat bread on its own, it's got butter or garlic or salt or butter/garlic/salt or some other flavorful condiment that would be socially unacceptable to eat directly from the container, forcing me to use a vessel to transport it into my mouth. #food

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