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Undoing cooking Tue, Dec 23, 2008
At work we had a potluck holiday lunch, and my wonderful wife Wendy (wow w-alliteration!) made some turkey chili.  People liked it, but several people complained that it wasn't spicy enough.  In fact, it wasn't spicy at all, largely because Wendy doesn't like spicy things.  But also, once you make something spicy, you can't make it un-spicy.  Sure I guess you could add more un-spicy stuff to the spicy stuff so it'll even out, but that means you'd need to make more un-spicy stuff after you over-spiced the original, which is ridiculous.  It's the same with a lot of things:  You can't un-sugar your coffee after you add sugar; you can't un-cook a steak after you cook it for too long; you can't un-butter a piece of buttered bread.  In hindsight, I should've brought in some red pepper or some hot sauce as an option for the people who like spicy chili.  But for the one guy who complained a little bit too much:  Too bad, loser.  If Wendy made it spicy enough for you and the two other people who like spicy things, none of the other 20 people would've eaten it.  Way to be selfish. #food

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