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Just give me noise Wed, Dec 10, 2008
My office at work used to be too quiet.  I worked in a relatively small room with just a few other people, and I was the loud one.  That should say a lot.  But a few months ago we moved, and now I'm in a big room with lots of people.  It's not constantly noisy or unbearable in any way, but I find it hard to concentrate on things like reading when I can clearly hear a person's conversation in the next aisle.  I have a longstanding problem with listening to music while trying to accomplish anything, so that's out of the question.  And of course the more I try to not hear something, the more clearly I can hear it. 

Enter SimplyNoise.  It's one of several tools available on the internet that performs the very simple task of creating white noise.  It also creates pink and brown/red noise, and though I don't know what the difference is, they all sound like a TV that's not tuned to the right channel.  Of course I don't just blare this at my desk.  I put on headphones and drown myself in the loud sound of nothingness.  It's wonderful. #business

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