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Slight site design change Tue, Dec 09, 2008
I just made a few changes to my website's design, mostly to make things look better on mobile devices.  Previous design announced here.  This would probably be version 3.5 for future reference. 

Update (2008-12-10 1:20 pm):  I also meant to include this for future reference:  Every time I try to make a new or updated theme for my site, it starts off well and goes south very quickly.  I'll think about it for a little while and convince myself that it should be an easy thing to do.  But as soon as I start doing things, I'll realize how difficult it can be at times, and how different things look in my mind compared to real life.  I inevitably hit a wall where I think about giving up, but I'll usually tough it out and sort of "settle" on something that works but isn't great. #technology

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