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Dream effects Tue, Sep 16, 2008
It's weird how the mind creates dreams. 

The other day I was reading a book, and my dream that night expanded on the topic I read about in the book.  It was weird because the topic was mentioned almost in passing, but my mind seemed to take it and run with it.  I awoke wondering how those thoughts got it my head in the first place, then realize it must've started with the book. 

Even more recently, I dreamt that I was mad at someone, and when I awoke, I felt the same way and had to convince myself that my feelings were based entirely on a dream.  It was exactly like this Brevity comic from last week. #psychology

Environmental hotels Tue, Sep 16, 2008
I've mentioned this before, but most hotels these days have a sign on the bathroom door saying something about their desire to save water and detergent, thus asking you to hang up your towel if you plan to use it again.  The thing is, I don't think I've ever stayed in a hotel that followed its own advice.  Hotels always replace all the towels in and around the bathroom, whether they're used or not.  Good idea; bad implementation. #travel