I spent last week in beautiful, sunny, tropical Bermuda, riding a scooter around and snorkeling at several of the island's gorgeous beaches.  It was excellent.  I know what you're thinking.  "Dave, what are you, like a bazillionaire?  Didn't you already go to Germany and Arizona this summer?"  Yes, I did.  But if you'll remember, we slept in a tent and ate crappy food in Arizona, and Germany was unexpected, but still a large portion of it was covered by Wendy's employer.  So no, I'm not a bazillionaire.  I just know how to travel cheap and often.  Case in point:  In traveling to Bermuda, we used credit card points to get airline tickets, then stayed in a bed and breakfast (and dinner) because hotels cost $200-$300 per night.  It wasn't a cheap trip per se, but it was cheaper than it could've been, which makes me happy.  Anyway, here's what we did: 

Day 1 - Arrived via plane; checked into the bed and breakfast; walked around the rocks at Devonshire Bay

Day 2 - Took a bus to Hamilton; rented a scooter; walked around to City Hall and Fort Hamilton; ate lunch and watched some opening week football; drove to John Smith's Bay for a swim

Day 3 - Drove to Hamilton; took a ferry to the Royal Naval Dockyard; snorkeled in Snorkel Park; took a ferry to St. George's; walked around Ordnance Island and Town Hall; walked further to the Unfinished Church and Fort St. Catherine; snorkeled in Tobacco Bay; took a ferry back to Hamilton; watched Monday Night Football

Day 4 - Drove to Horseshoe Bay (and left because it was crowded); snorkeled in Church Bay; climbed the Gibb's Hill Lighthouse; swam at Elbow Beach

Day 5 - Hiked in Spittal Pond Nature Reserve to Spanish Rock; stopped at Blue Hole Park and saw a blue hole and some caves; climbed up St. David's Lighthouse; snorkeled in Turtle Bay; snorkeled in a downpour in Tobacco Bay; watched the sunset

Day 6 - Walked through Paget Marsh; snorkeled at West Whale Bay; snorkeled and rode some waves at Warwick Long Bay

Day 7 - Snorkeled at Tobacco Bay; flew home


[gallery /img/2008/09/bm01.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm01-150x150.jpg:::All the houses are brightly colored.:::/img/2008/09/bm02.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm02-150x150.jpg:::Crashing waves on jagged rocks.:::/img/2008/09/bm03.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm03-150x150.jpg:::A little tiny snail-type creature.:::/img/2008/09/bm04.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm04-150x150.jpg:::These things are called chitons, and they were on all the rocks near the water.  Some sort of animal.  Reminds me of Star Trek for some reason.:::/img/2008/09/bm05.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm05-150x150.jpg:::Spiny orb-weaver spiders were everywhere.:::/img/2008/09/bm06.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm06-150x150.jpg:::I look like such a bad-ass on my Peugeot scooter.:::/img/2008/09/bm07.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm07-150x150.jpg:::In front of Hamilton City Hall.:::/img/2008/09/bm08.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm08-150x150.jpg:::A fallen red flower.:::/img/2008/09/bm09.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm09-150x150.jpg:::Representing the middle name.:::/img/2008/09/bm10.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm10-150x150.jpg:::A British flag flies near the Royal Naval Dockyard.:::/img/2008/09/bm11.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm11-150x150.jpg:::All the colorful houses.:::/img/2008/09/bm12.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm12-150x150.jpg:::A statue grasps for that which he cannot have.:::/img/2008/09/bm13.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm13-150x150.jpg:::If we can only figure out how to load this thing, we'll take that ship out.:::/img/2008/09/bm14.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm14-150x150.jpg:::The Unfinished Church in St. George's.:::/img/2008/09/bm15.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm15-150x150.jpg:::A butterfly stopped to have its picture taken.:::/img/2008/09/bm16.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm16-150x150.jpg:::Wendy mans the anti-air gun to take out some incoming planes.:::/img/2008/09/bm17.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm17-150x150.jpg:::These cannons fell off Fort St. Catherine.:::/img/2008/09/bm18.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm18-150x150.jpg:::Wendy stares dreamily into the distance.:::/img/2008/09/bm19.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm19-150x150.jpg:::The sun is about to set aboard the ferry.:::/img/2008/09/bm20.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm20-150x150.jpg:::Wendy poses with the scooter.  It was a two-seater.:::/img/2008/09/bm21.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm21-150x150.jpg:::A view of one of the many sections of gorgeous coastline.:::/img/2008/09/bm22.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm22-150x150.jpg:::Crashing waves on sharp rocks.:::/img/2008/09/bm23.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm23-150x150.jpg:::"All this ... for me?":::/img/2008/09/bm24.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm24-150x150.jpg:::A giant pair of rocky sunglasses washes ashore.:::/img/2008/09/bm25.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm25-150x150.jpg:::Another view of some beautiful coastline.:::/img/2008/09/bm26.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm26-150x150.jpg:::Hello Mr. Lizard.:::/img/2008/09/bm27.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm27-150x150.jpg:::Hello Mr. Crab.:::/img/2008/09/bm28.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm28-150x150.jpg:::These parrot fish look like they're smiling.:::/img/2008/09/bm29.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm29-150x150.jpg:::St. David's Lighthouse.:::/img/2008/09/bm30.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm30-150x150.jpg:::One of the many wild chickens approaches me for a closer look.:::/img/2008/09/bm31.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm31-150x150.jpg:::Not only am I a saint, but I own this road too.:::/img/2008/09/bm32.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm32-150x150.jpg:::I snorkeled a lot.:::/img/2008/09/bm33.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm33-150x150.jpg:::Here I take a closer look at some fish friends.:::/img/2008/09/bm34.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm34-150x150.jpg:::The rain came in bursts.:::/img/2008/09/bm35.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm35-150x150.jpg:::But it left rainbows.:::/img/2008/09/bm36.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm36-150x150.jpg:::A beautiful sunset.:::/img/2008/09/bm37.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm37-150x150.jpg:::These clouds look painted.:::/img/2008/09/bm38.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm38-150x150.jpg:::A post-sunset moonrise.:::/img/2008/09/bm39.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm39-150x150.jpg:::Our very own stretch of beach!:::/img/2008/09/bm40.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm40-150x150.jpg:::Crystal clear water and some coral-covered rocks.:::/img/2008/09/bm41.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm41-150x150.jpg:::No wonder it hurts to walk on the rocks!:::/img/2008/09/bm42.jpg:::/img/2008/09/bm42-150x150.jpg:::Horse Crossing fail.:::]